Flatsome is the #1 Best Selling WooCommerce Theme Ever

Flatsome is the most used and trusted theme for any kind of WooCommerce Project. We always support latest WooCommerce versions so Flatsome is the safest theme for your project.

Design that sells

Use it for any kind of shop or catalog presentations

Flatsome is extremely flexible and can be used for any kind of Shop or product presentation

Shop Category Features

Live search

Let customers find products quickly with an optional Live Search dropdown.

Product Quick View

Open products from category grid quickly with the quick view option

Custom Top Content

Add custom top content to category pages that can be edited with the UX Builder. 

Sale Bubble Options

Choose between 3 different bubble styles. You can also insert custom bubbles to products in the product editor.

Quick Add To Cart button

An optional option to have a quick add to cart button above image in category grids. You can also have an add to cart button below the product grid.

Add To Wishlist

Quickly add products to Wishlist with the wishlist button in product grids. This can be disabled.

Category list styles

Choose between normal grid, list view or masonry layout option.

Number of products per row

Set products per row for each screen size. (e.g., 4 products per row on desktop and 2 on mobile screens.)

Category layouts

Choose between No Sidebar, Left sidebar, Right sidebar and Off-canvas Filter layout.

Off-canvas Filtering

Add off-canvas filtering to your categories. You can access this on mobile and on categories with off-canvas filtering enabled.

Use any image format

Your products can be in any image format with Flatsome. The product grid adjusts to the image format on your products.

Mobile Optimized design

The navigation of product categories is super quick and easy on mobile screens. This will make your customers happy and give more sales!

Catalogue Mode Option

Use the catalogue mode option if you only want to display products without selling. This is perfect for online product catalogues etc.

  • Show or hide prices
  • Replace add to cart with forms or any shortcode
  • Replace cart in header with custom content.

Product Page with Unlimited Options

Present your product in a beautiful way

Product Page Features

Product Videos

Add product videos to your products. The video opens in a lightbox.

Next / Prev navigation

Quickly navigate between products by using the next / prev navigation.

Quick Zoom

Add an optional mouse over zoom to product images. Here is an example

Product Variations

Add product variations to your products. Product image will update to selected color.

Affiliate Products

Built-in affiliate (external products) option. Here is an example.

Product Gallery Options

Choose between vertial and horizontal product gallery style.

Product Tabs Options

Choose between many different product tabs styles. (Sections, Tabs, Accordions, Vertical Tabs ++)

Product Layout Options

Choose between many different product layout options.

Product Header Options

Choose between many different product header options. You can also have transparent header.

Product Page Examples


Left full sidebar

Small Right Sidebar

Right Tall Sidebar

Centered Featured title

Dark Background

Transparent Featured title

Full Width Gallery

These are just examples made with Theme Options. You can create your perfect product page layout by using the Theme Options panel