Revolutionary Responsive
Front-End Page Builder

The new UX Builder is the ultimate tool for creating awesome responsive websites without having any experience with coding. Create sliders, banners, and responsive pages super fast, with our brand new Page Builder for WordPress.

Front-End Page Builder

Organise your content with the drag & drop functionality, create and alter the layout with the layout elements, and edit text using the text editor. All the content will be made and edited in the UX Builder.

Responsive Options

Create custom options for the different devices; desktop, mobile and tablet. The UX Builder is optimized for creating responsive layouts and content.

Fast as Lightning

The UX Builder is built on Angular, and is incredible fast and fluid. The ultimate goal is to give our customers the fastest and best Page Builder on the market, with groundbreaking possibilities and options.

Slider and Banner system

Create beautiful sliders and banners with the Page Builder. Drag and Drop the elements around, with no need for other slider plugins.



Create amazing responsive layouts and grids, and drag and drop the boxes around as you wish, to easily edit the order.

Banner Grids

Large Element Libary

Anything is possible with the new extensive element library. The new UX Builder has a toolbox of 30 content elements, 9 shop elements, and 5 layout elements, along with hundreds of presets and options for every element. This gives you endless opportunities for your site and the ability to create whatever you have in mind for your website.


Clean Code

The builder is based on shortcodes, and makes it very easy to quickly edit content in the normal WordPress editor. The UX Builder leaves clean and readable shortcodes in the content editor.

Banner Focus Point

Set a focus point on the banner and the image will adjust to mobile a tablet screens. Perfect for responsive websites.

Banner Editor

Create amazing banners with Drag and Drop. You can also add banners to the Slider element.

Built-in Slider

Create beautiful sliders without leaving the Page Builder. Drag and drop slides to edit the order.

Responsive Options

Set custom options for mobile and tablets to make your content look beautiful on all screen sizes.

Live Text Editor

Edit text on banners and in content, and see the changes immediately.

Page Presets

Create a new page by using one of our included page layouts presets.

Live Options

Preview changes instantly when changing options.

Be Organized

Organize elements easily in the sidebar. Drag and drop inside the sidebar to quickly move elements.

Developer Friendly

Easely create new elements for the Builder. (Docs coming soon)

Exclusive for Flatsome 3

The UX Builder is an exclusive Page Builder for Flatsome only!
It is included with every Flatsome theme purchased.

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